The IMO has developed a range of training courses to address all aspects of oil spill planning, response and management. These are known as the OPRC Model Courses. IEMS utilizes the IMO standards for IMO level 1- 2 and 3 course deliveries. The company has qualified IMO trainers that have years of extensive experience in oil spill response and the delivery of IMO-Oil spill response courses


1 - IMO Level 1

For responders, provides insight and knowledge to prepare for oil spill response equipment deployment in the field, to know the correct course of action.

2 - IMO Level 2

On scene commanders, provides insight and knowledge in how to coordinate an oil spill response in order to understand the most effective strategies to follow.

3 - IMO Level 3

Senior managers, provides insight and knowledge for the development of an oil spill prevention plan, as well as how to manage a spill at management level.

B. ICS Training

1 - ICS100: Entry Level Responders & Disaster Workers
2 - ICS200: First Line Supervisors
3 - ICS300: Middle Management
4 - ICS400: Command and general staff

C. Aberdeen Drilling School - Courses Click here to visit

1 - Stuck Pipe Prevention
2 - Drilling Well Control
3 - Drilling Simulation
4 - High Pressure High Temperature
5 - Well Intervention Pressure Control
6 - Essential Oilfield Knowledge
7 - Well Engineering
8 - Deepwater Operations
9 - Virtual Classroom