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Personnel And Resources

Following the principals of the tiered response system IEMS assists in the development of suitable capabilities according to the oil spill risk at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Capability Management (Service Agreement)

By contracting IEMS for standby oil spill response services, you have the assurance that your plant, facility or business has the necessary oil spill preparedness and response capacity should an oil spill occur. This support is backed up through Tier 2 response centres in country.

Pre-positioned Resources - Quick Response

IEMS offers tailored response package that are non-intrusive, specifically designed by our international specialists and engineers to cover activities that typically take place at exploration and production sites, remote pipeline locations, remote drilling sites, terminals, refineries, and major manufacturing and mining facilities. The response package provides security and peace of mind for clients.

Our 24 hour emergency service gives our clients the reliability and opportunity to activate IEMS resources at any time of year day or night.

Response Services

On activation, our equipment and personnel can be immediately mobilized to site to assist our clients at all levels of the response. IEMS appreciates the urgency in any emergency and has made arrangements to ensure both personnel and equipment can be mobilized immediately.