Oil Spill Contingency Plans "OSCP" or Oil Pollution Emergency Plans "OPEP" are operational documents that provide both offshore and onshore response strategies, relevant information and support to ensure that the most effective response is implemented in the event of a spill.

Oil Spill Contingency Plan is required for all facilities that have a risk of hydrocarbon release, and must be approved by the Regulator, prior to any operations commencing.

IEMS is ideally placed to inform and support clients with the preparation, review and update of their Plans.

Our Oil Spill Contingency Plans service covers a range of activities, including:

Preparing an OPEP that is fit for purpose and clearly sets out the procedures for responding to an oil pollution incident. Co-coordinating multi-disciplinary.teams to capture operational response requirements. Facilitating the process of gathering all relevant information and providing advice. Communicating with the Regulator and any other relevant authorities on behalf of the Operator. Providing environmental sensitivities assessment and data. Providing the Metocean data necessary for oil spill modelling, prediction and forecasting. Modelling the movement, behavior and shoreline impact of a potential oil spill.

We have compiled National and Regional Plans, multi facility plans down to single port operator plans. Large and small we have done them all, we offer a service that is both practical and realistic. In addition to the Oil Spill Contingency plan we also offer SOPEP and SM PEP for a more efficient ship to shore inter-phase