The engineers and responders of IEMS and RPS ASA continue to work together to provide emergency response support for actual incidents, training and exercises; as well as providing contingency planning and environmental risk assessment services.

IEMS provides the expertise in working with government and commercial organizations in their countries of operation as well as knowledge of local conditions; RPS ASA provides expertise in sophisticated oil and chemical modeling tools.

OceansMap, developed by RPS ASA, is a web-based GIS mapping system that

Includes GIS data management met ocean data visualization and customized user data integration. OceansMap offers access to RPS ASA's suite of modeling components OILMAPWeb, CHEMMAPWeb, AIRMAPWeb and SARMAPWeb.

RPS ASA's Environmental Data Server (EDS) is fully integrated with OceansMap and the modeling components. EDS provides real-time and historical environmental data management, analysis, visualization and internet-based distribution through Web services.

We work closely with ASA RPS to ensure clients have seamless support from the model developers and the respondents. The practical in-field experience and expertise of our specialists ensures expert development of scenarios and a thorough understanding of the practical modelling process. From contingency planning to 24-hour response capability

We stay in constant contact with our clients from the outset, advising them on input parameters and where practical providing them with met ocean data, helping to develop the scenarios applicable to the predefined risk.

We have various data sets that are made available to our clients as part of our service.


To run a model, we shall provide you with a simple questionnaire in regards to the oil spill scenario and oil properties or our consultant can talk to you on the telephone to gather the required data. (Arabic or English).