Equipment Packages

IEMS specializes in providing, and installing custom contingency equipment packages as well as oil spill deflection and protection systems. Our packages range from single response units to fully containerized systems allowing rapid and effective use.


Sections can be straight lay deployed in just 10 minutes offering the ability to form a conventional "J" or "U" formation boom within just 20-30 minutes.

Rapid deploy boom

System aimed entirely at protecting the highest priority shoreline sites vulnerable to any spill that may occur. Rapid Response Units containing a mix of compatible solid flotation "Fence" type boom and beach sealing boom provide the appropriate balance of water phase barrier and inter-tidal seal.


Free floating (oleophilic & mechanical) capable of recovering the full viscosity range of oils.

Brush action/Weir skimmers


Fast erect tanks and transfer pumps

Vessels Tanks, in addition to floating storage bags, barges and lightering vessels.


The IEMS Port Package range is designed for both "on water" and "quayside" collection and recovery.

For secondary booming, boom end seals, control of secondary zone contamination, temporary bundling, Hazmat control and final polishing.